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New Tool: Explorer

Curious to explore online media coverage with Media Cloud?  Try out new Explorer tool at!

This new Explorer tool is a replacement for our current Dashboard tool, which hasn't aged well.  The Explorer is faster, designed with for audiences and experts, and built on better and more modern technological plumbing. We'll be maintaining and adding features to Explorer regularly.. It includes charts and tables to summarize Attention, Language, and People & Places:


  • Attention Over Time: charts the average amount of sentences devoted to queries per day
  • Total Attention: compares the total number of stories about matching queries
  • Sample Stories: lists a handful of sample stories matching your queries


  • Top Words: a frequency-based word cloud to find the words used to talk about your queries
  • Word Space: a 2d layout of words to map words that are used together

People and Places

  • Top People: the most frequently mentioned people found in stories matching your queries
  • Top Organizations: the most frequently mentioned organizations found in stories matching your queries
  • Geographic Coverage: a heat map of the countries stories matching your queries are about
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